Peer Review Process

Submitted manuscripts' topic, scope, formats and scientific styles are checked  on editorial grounds to accept/decline to send them out to external peer reviewers.They may be rejected during a pre-evaluation process. Qualified manuscripts are sent to reviewers.

To ensure the quality and scientific integrity of research published in Journal of Innovative Science and Engineering (JISE), peer-review process is applied according to the single-blind peer-review system. During peer-review process, the authors are obliged to make corrections according to reviewers' comments and suggestions. At the decision stage, one of the three situations below occurs; (1) the manuscript is accepted with minor revisions; (2) the manuscript is accepted with major revisions; (3) the manuscript is rejected.

The peer-review process is usually completed in a month depending on corrections that are requested by reviewers. The manuscripts that are rejected by reviewers will not be published. The accepted manuscripts are published online on the journal's web page.

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